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Jacklistens – www.jacklistens.com – Jacklistens survey – Jack Listens study: Jack the Box has carried out a questionnaire-based customer satisfaction study called Jack Listen.

The Jack in the Box Customer Opinion Survey is an online survey that the firm is offering to you guys to express your views and opinions about their services and menu. The survey’s basis is the JackListens.com website.

Do you find the range of dishes offered by Jack in the Box impressive? Do you value the ability to recreate your meal? Which Quick Serve promise is your favorite? Jack in the Box is interested in what you have to say and is listening to you.

The company is attempting to increase client input and evaluate answers. By doing this, you can enter to win a number of prizes, including free coupons, but you will need to be aware of some Jack in the Box Guest Survey rules.

We have all the information you require if you’re interested in finding out more about the Jack Listens Survey. This is a thorough guide that includes all the information needed to complete the Jack in the Box Customer Satisfaction Survey. It will just take some time to finish the survey, which is really simple.


Rules and Regulations of the Jacklistens Survey

  • You must be over the age of eighteen.The poll can only be completed by citizens of the 50 states in the US.
  • It is not possible to be a close relative of a company or to work for one.
  • You must be able to communicate in Spanish or English as required. Although competence in any of these languages is required, the Jack In The Box Customer survey is available in any of these languages.
  • Only if you are eligible to take the survey, are you required to do so? Any applicant who completes the survey after receiving an incomplete one or who is not allowed to take the jack-in-the-box survey will have their entries removed.
  • If all of your survey responses are biased, the survey will not accept your biased responses and you won’t be able to collect any awards.
  • You need a receipt from your most recent visit in order to complete the survey. The Jacklistens survey code appears on the receipt, and in order to access the survey, you must successfully complete the verification test.
  • You must have your most recent visit’s receipt in order to complete the survey. To access the Jacklistens survey, you must first pass the verification test. The survey code is found on the receipt.
  • If you are discovered tampering with the survey website, you may face legal consequences as it constitutes a civil rights violation.
  • Your coupon is just for your use and will not be transferred to anyone else.

Steps to Participate in the Jacklistens Survey


  1. Make sure your gadget is online first. Given that the survey may only be completed online, it is required.
  2. Next, launch your preferred web browser and look up the survey webpage online.
  3. website has language options and a thank you note for your participation on the homepage. Spanish and English are your options. You will be taking the survey in this language, so choose wisely.
    Subsequently, input the survey code found on your most recent restaurant receipt.
  4. Subsequently, input the survey code found on your most recent restaurant receipt.
  5. The proportion of the survey that you have finished is displayed in a bar at the bottom of the page.
  6. After responding to every question, you can go back and examine your insightful survey.
  7. You can now finish the survey and get your reward coupons.

Rewards of the Jacklistens survey

They are giving away a coupon code, which you can use for getting Two Free Tacos.

Aim of the Jacklistens survey

Like any other business, it is imperative that a survey be a significant component. It aids in their comprehension of the preferences and circumstances of their clients. A survey is a great tool that a business can utilize to expand.

Background of the Jack company


Robert O. Peterson founded it in the United States, which is now its main market. Qdoba Mexican Grill was Jack in the Box until 2017.

Jack in the Box operates in twenty-one states. For delectable fast food, it prepares salads, chicken, sandwiches, hamburgers, and sweets. The restaurant’s burgers, tacos, and french fries are highly recognized. It is an American company that was established in 1951. These franchises value client feedback greatly because they are owned by multiple individuals and have shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When may I take the survey after my most recent meal at the restaurant?

You have 72 hours after making a purchase from the restaurant to complete the survey. The survey code expires after 72 hours, so act quickly to obtain your reward coupons before time runs out.

When can I use the incentives from the Jack In The Box Guest Satisfaction Survey after I receive them?

You have seven days from the date of receipt to utilize your coupon code. The promo code will expire after seven days. Visit the restaurant that’s closest to you. Utilize the coupon.

How often may I do the Jacklistens Customer Survey before I get my prize?

You have an infinite number of opportunities to complete the survey and redeem your survey reward coupons. The quantity of entries is not restricted.

What happens if I don’t have a receipt for the last time I ate at the establishment?

To receive the reward, you must purchase the survey. You receive the Jacklistens survey code to complete the survey when you purchase anything, including a drink.


I hope you had no trouble comprehending the guidelines and requirements of the survey. I’ve made an effort to make the instructions as clear as I can. You can redeem the coupons for complimentary food. The code that enables you to complete Jack In The Box’s survey expires 72 hours following the problem.

It will only take three to five minutes to complete the Jack In The Box Guest Feedback Survey, which will help us think creatively and provide you with better service going forward. The café is very interested in hearing your feedback on your survey.

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