MyKFCExperience – Free Chicken – KFC Survey

KFC is inviting its customers to participate in the MyKFCExperience survey, designed to gather feedback on the level of care and attention they receive at KFC restaurants.


Survey Details:

  • Reward: Participants will receive a validation code for a free chicken Go Cup or a discount on their next purchase as a thank-you for completing the survey.
  • Eligibility: Customers must have a recent purchase receipt containing the necessary survey information.

Purpose: The main objective of the MyKFCExperience survey is to facilitate direct communication between KFC and its customers, ensuring that the company can continuously improve its service quality based on genuine customer feedback. KFC places a high value on customer satisfaction and strives to provide excellent service at all its locations.

By participating in this survey, customers help KFC maintain and enhance the quality of its service, ensuring a better dining experience for everyone.


How to Take the KFC Survey

  1. Visit the Website:

Go to the KFC survey website: MyKFCExperience.

  1. Language Selection:

Choose your preferred language (English or Spanish).

  1. Enter Details:

Enter the required information from your receipt, including the survey code.

  1. Start the Survey:

Press the “Start” button to begin the survey.

  1. Provide Feedback:

Answer all questions about your recent visit honestly and thoroughly.

  1. Submit Contact Information:

Ensure your email address and phone number are correct.

  1. Receive Validation Code:

omplete the survey to receive a validation code for a free chicken item on your next visit.

Benefits and Rewards

Participants who complete the survey will receive a validation code, which can be redeemed for free chicken on their next visit.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Language Proficiency:

Participants should be able to understand English or Spanish.

  1. Internet Access:

A device with internet connectivity (laptop, smartphone, or PC) is required.

  1. Receipt Requirement:

A recent KFC receipt with a survey code is necessary.

  1. Single Entry:

Only one survey entry per receipt is allowed.

  1. Eligibility:

Direct family members of KFC employees or representatives are not eligible.

  1. Non-transferable:

The validation code cannot be transferred to others.

  1. Email Requirement:

An email address is needed to receive the discount code.

  1. Residency:

Participants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

  1. Purchase Requirement:

A purchase from a KFC restaurant is required to participate.

  1. Timeframe:

The survey must be completed within seven days of the purchase date.

    About MyKFCExperience Survey


    KFC, originally founded as Sanders Court and Cafe in 1930 by Colonel Harland Sanders, has been a prominent name in the fast-food industry for nearly 90 years. Colonel Sanders, whose image is a key element in KFC’s branding, began this venture which has grown into a global phenomenon.

    Historical Milestones:

    • Original Name: Initially called Sanders Court and Cafe.
    • Global Expansion: KFC was the first Western fast-food chain to open a restaurant in China, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history.

    Menu Highlights:

    • Signature Dish: As the name suggests, Kentucky Fried Chicken is renowned for its high-pressure-cooked fried chicken.
    • Variety: Besides its famous fried chicken, KFC’s menu includes chicken fillet sandwiches, wraps, salads, and an array of side dishes.

    KFC Customer Support

    For assistance, customers can reach out to KFC’s customer support through the following contact details:

    • Phone Number: 1-502-874-8288
    • Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410
    • Customer Care Number: 1-800-CALL-KFC

    Take the KFC survey at MyKFCExperience to share your feedback and receive rewards.

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