Popeyes invites its loyal customers to participate in the TellPopeyes survey at This customer satisfaction survey not only helps improve the dining experience but also offers participants a chance to win free chicken.


One of the most renowned surveys, the TellPopeyes survey, seeks feedback from customers who have visited the restaurant. Conducted at, this survey aims to gather customer insights to enhance dining experiences and service quality at Popeyes.

Participants can claim two free chicken pieces by completing the survey with the provided code. Simply visit the official website, answer a few straightforward questions about your recent visit, and receive rewards like crackers or chicken pieces.

The purpose of the TellPopeyes survey is to understand customer experiences better and identify areas for improvement in the menu and overall satisfaction at Popeyes restaurants.

When completing the survey, ensure you have all necessary items, meet the website’s requirements, and understand the survey’s purpose and benefits.

How To Participate For Survey


Please follow the steps below to complete the survey and qualify for free chicken:

  1. Open the Website: Open your device’s browser and navigate to the official website at
  2. Begin the Survey: On the homepage, look for the option to start the survey and click on it.
  3. Enter Visit Details: A new page will prompt you to enter the restaurant name, time, location, and date of your visit to Popeyes.
  4. Invoice Verification: Enter the invoice amount for verification.
  5. Start the Survey: Click the “Start” button to begin answering the survey questions.
  6. Answer Honestly: Provide honest answers to the questions about your recent visit.
  7. Submit Your Responses: Click the “Submit” button after completing the survey.
  8. Provide Personal Details: You will be redirected to a page where you can enter your details such as address, age, and contact information.
  9. Finish the Survey: Click the “Finish” button to complete the survey.
  10. Enter the Drawing: Upon completion, you will be entered into the TellPopeyes drawing for a chance to win free chicken.

After completing the TellPopeyes survey, you will be entered into the TellPopeyes contest. Simply wait for the announcement of the winner.


Popeyes Telephone Survey

To complete the telephone survey, follow these steps:

  • Dial (877) 767-3937.
  • Answer the questions asked by the customer representative.
  • Provide your TellPopeyes Survey Code as proof of purchase.

About The Official Survey at

Popeyes has been a renowned chicken brand for decades, known for its high-quality cuisine and excellent service in the United States and globally. The main goal of completing the TellPopeyes Customer Experience Survey is to gather customer feedback to enhance the business and offer rewards like free chicken in return.

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete online, provided you have a secure internet connection. Your feedback is crucial for the company to make informed business decisions, so honesty is highly valued.

In the survey, you should share your experiences regarding food quality and quantity, order accuracy, speed of service, staff behavior, restaurant cleanliness, and more. Building friendly relationships with customers is essential for business growth, and your feedback helps achieve this goal.


You can take the TellPopeyes survey at to share your genuine opinion. If you’re not satisfied with the food or service, the survey provides an avenue to voice your concerns without directly contacting the owner or manager.

Popeyes VacationsIt’s important to note that Popeyes is closed on only two days of the year: Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. The restaurant remains open on all other holidays.

Consumers wishing to participate in the TellPopeyes Customer Experience Survey should be aware of the requirements, steps, and rules. Knowing these details helps ensure a smooth survey process and maximizes the benefits of participation.

Know About Rules And Requirements

Here are some rules to follow when completing the TellPopeyes survey. Please read carefully:

  • Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • Residency: Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Eligibility: Popeyes employees, factory workers, affiliates, management, and their families are not eligible to participate.
  • Timeframe: The survey must be completed within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Promo Code Validity: The promo code received upon completing the survey is valid for 30 days.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Coupon Redemption: The coupon code can only be redeemed for menu items and must be printed on your receipt.
  • Non-Transferable: Offers are not transferable for cash or combinable with other offers.
  • Devices: The survey can be completed on any phone, PC, or laptop.
  • Languages: Available in English and Spanish.
  • Contact Information: A valid email address and contact number are required.
  • Receipt Details: You must have a Popeyes receipt with the restaurant number.

By adhering to these rules, you ensure a smooth and valid participation in the TellPopeyes survey.


We aim to provide information to facilitate the entire survey process. Participating in the survey enhances your experience during future visits to the restaurant, so it is important to provide honest feedback. If you have any questions about the survey, please leave a comment in the comment box; we are always ready to help. We also provide links to social media platforms for easy sharing with your family.

If you encounter any problems, you can contact the provided number and leave your message in the comment box. We welcome your comments and feedback after reading this article. We hope you participate in the TellPopeyes Coupon Survey and have a chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate.

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